There are countless number of people all over the world who want to quit smoking, most of them wanting to avoid the health problems that smoking causes. Every smoker is aware of the side effects of smoking. Often, the smoker wants desperately to quit smoking, but is so highly addicted to smoking that it is not only difficult, but next to impossible to give up cigarettes. This is because of the addictive nicotine present in cigarettes.

Smoking electronic cigarettes is, in our opinion, a great alternative to smoking. After you’ve made the switch, you can opt to wean off your that habit as well, or can continue with e-cigarettes which many people find enjoyable – some have even have made “vaping” a hobby. Electronic cigarettes have e-liquid, usually containing nicotine, inside them. The amount of nicotine in the cartridges varies according to the cartridge or e-liquid you choose. Let us have a look at some of the best electronic cigarettes available.

The easiest way to try electronic cigarette is by purchasing an electronic cigarette starter kit. They come with batteries, flavor/nicotine cartridges, and chargers (usually a USB charger that connects to your computer, and an adapter that lets you charge your batteries by plugging directly into the wall. Some also come with car chargers.) The best electronic cigarette in our rankings come from Green Smoke; quality-wise, they rank at the top of the list with an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Green Smoke has the biggest throat hit of all the brands we’ve tried, meaning it may be the most satisfying for heavier smokers who want a strong drag. They also have the best menthol e-cig on the market.

Ranking second on our chart of best electronic cigarettes is South Beach Smoke. Aside from satisfying flavor and vapor clouds, one of the distinguishing factors of South Beach is that they have a little less of a “throat hit,” making it a good choice for smokers who prefer smoother and a bit lighter vapor.

Third on our list is V2 Cigs. They are right in the middle with a good throat hit, strong vapor and a good selection of flavors.

Other highly ranked brands include Vapor Couture, White Cloud, Premium Electronic, Real Electronic, Smoke Tip and Ever Smoke; you can find out all about our choices for best electronic cigarettes by visiting the main page of our site and checking out our complete and honest e-cigarette reviews.